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G-Eazy - Remember You (ft. Blackbear)

One of the best out takes from any television show, ever. 

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ugh, i used to adore this show.

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Lais - For You (Skizzy Mars Remix)

You know, a lot of people always say life is short. That’s kind of the phrase, life is short, life is short. And it does, as we get older, time moves quickly, but it’s long. And it’s long pertaining to that thought, that the past is not done with you because you can’t get rid of it. So therefore, it’s a distant person. You get a glimpse of what you might have wanted or what it could’ve been and it can start to happen right in your life now.

Skizzy Mars is killing it this year and it’s no different with his remix of Lais song ’For You’ but for the love of God, where is this quote from? I tried my best to decipher it from the song but have had no luck finding it’s origin.

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The beautiful Disney Art of Rodel Gonzalez.

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